Guidance on Presentation Formats

The LCCT welcomes both abstracts for traditional paper presentations as well as alternative forms of presentation. As the composition of the sessions are not decided until the ‘big meeting’ – that is, where stream organisers and the LCCT organising collective meet to collaboratively decide the final acceptances and session formats – stream organisers will liaise with those who have had proposals accepted to discuss the final ‘form’ of participation in each session. While a majority of presentations will be for 20-minute delivery time as part of a panel, stream organisers may propose alternative arrangements to those who have had submissions accepted. This can sometimes be shortened presentation times, participation in a round table discussion, etc.

Proposing an Alternative Form of Presentation

Where an abstract directly proposes an alternative form of presentation, such as an art installation, a workshop, an activity, a performance, etc., we ask that in addition to an abstract you provide details of the ‘mechanics’ of your proposal. This could include (but is not limited to) details concerning:

  • The general ‘form’ (eg. art installation; workshop; performance, activity, etc.)
  • The number of people involved in delivery
  • Space and/or logistical requirements
  • Time requirements (we are generally limited to 1 – 1.5 hrs per ‘session’, but an alternative form of presentation could also be something shorter that is integrated into a larger session.)
  • If it is interactive, how it is interactive and an indication of the rationale or purpose of the interaction.
  • If it involves a particular method, some details of what that is and an indication of the reasons for proposing it.

We also ask that alternative proposals consider how space is provide for (critical) reflection and discussion as part of the participation of the audience members/participants. With conventional paper presentations this occurs as part of the panel session where time is given for general questions and discussion, and we consider this space for discussion and reflection a central feature of the LCCT ethos. 

Please also note that time and logistics mean the LCCT may be limited in its ability to accomodate presentations longer than 20 minutes.