About LJCT

The London Journal of Critical Thought (LJCT) is a new open access and peer reviewed academic journal that will publish ‘collections’ of short pieces that emerge in conversation from participation in the London Conference of Critical Thought (LCCT). The LJCT is distinct from a traditional proceedings journal in that the pieces are not framed as stand-alone work, but rather a part of its particular collection.

The journal is comprised of a series of ‘collections’ that are constituted of 3 to 4 pieces (between 2000 and 4000 words each) and are preceded by an introduction from the co-editor(s) of the Collection. Collections are based on a set of papers or other contributions that reflect a conversation that has emerged from participation at the conference (rather than a set of disparate contributions).

Read the journal here: Volume 1, Issue 1 Volume 1 Issue 2

Editorial Board

Craig Lundy

Matt Mahon

Daniel Matthews

Hannah Richter

Victoria L Ridler

Federica Rossi

Jonathan Stafford

Ben Turner

Thomas Waterton

Samuel Wilson


Advisory Board

Dr. Anna Hickey-Moody

Dr. Henry Somers-Hall

Dr. des Eddie Bruce-Jones

Dr. Claudia Aradau

Dr. Elena Louizidou

Dr. Matthew Charles