Volume 3 Issue 1

June 2019, Volume 3, Issue 1


Individual Articles

Martin Young, Introduction: Art in the Time of Capital LJCT2019V3l1Young_Intro

Martin Young, Adorno’s Razor: The Taxonomy of Time LJCT2019V3l1Young

Sophie Coudray, Theatre Production/Creation Within Capitalist Temporality LJCT2019V3l1Coudray

Panos Kompatsiaris and Rowan Lear, Is Another Biennial Possible? Art, Time and Refusal LJCT2019V3L1_Kompatsiaris_Lear

Cecilia Canziani and Louise Garrett, Introduction: Radical hospitality? LJCT2019V3L1_Canziani_Garrett

Andreas Michel, Hermeneutic Communism and the Challenge of ‘Radical Hospitality’ LJCT2019V3l1Michel

Abdelkarim and Alessandra Ferrini, A Hospitable Encounter: A Conversation Between ‘Radio Ghetto Relay’ and Tahrir LJCT2019V3l1_Abdelkarim_Ferrini

Luise Reitstätter, Going Radical in Museum Space? Inclusive Strategies that Challenge the Institution’s Core LJCT2019V3l1Reitstatter