Volume 1, Issue 1

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LJCT2016V1I1 Cover and Front Matter

Collection 1. Truthful Politics

Download Views PDF_2   Introduction Chris Henry

Download Views PDF_2   On Truth and Instrumentalisation Chris Henry

Download Views PDF_2   Truth as Disruption Tim Jones

Collection 2. Noology and Technics

Download Views PDF_2  Introduction Benoît Dillet and Anaïs Nony

Download Views PDF_2  Symptoms and Speed of νοῦς: Toward a Critical Invention of the Future Paolo Vignola

Download Views PDF_2  Algorithmic and Machinic An-Aestheticism: Mediation between Defunctionalisation and Enhancement Sara Baranzoni

Download Views PDF_2  Big Data and the Thermodynamics of Discretisation Alexander Wilson

View the complete issue:   Download Views PDF_2   Volume 1, Issue 1


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