Privacy Statement

London Critical Privacy Statement

London Critical communicates with supporters through a MailChimp email list and in emails to those who have submitted proposals to our conferences or journal.

If you have registered to attend our conferences, subscribed to the mailing list or submitted a proposal to the conference, you may have provided us with your name and email address. We do not collect and store any other personal data.

This data is used exclusively to manage your attendance at the conference and to notify you of upcoming events. This data is stored in MailChimp and in Gmail contacts, and backed up in an encrypted form in an offline database.


Use of Data

Conference and journal submissions: In submitting a proposal to the London Conference in Critical Thought or the London Journal of Critical Thought, you provide us personal data in the form of your name and a contact email address. We process this data in order to manage the submissions processes for LCCT and LJCT.

Conference attendance: Conference attendance is managed through EventBrite. EventBrite’s Privacy Policy can be found here:

Mailing list: London Critical communicates with supporters through a MailChimp email list. MailChimp’s Privacy statement is here:

Direct email communications: London Critical is a volunteer-run organisation, and for operational reasons we use a free Gmail account to manage communications. In order to communicate with you, your email address may be transferred to Gmail servers outside the EU.

Filming, photography and recording: Occasionally, sessions at the conference will be recorded. In such cases, appropriate additional consent will be sought.


Data Sharing

We will not share your personal data with any third parties for marketing purposes.